Payment will be taken at our store when you come for pick up.

Pick up time

* We will close between 28th Dec and 13th Jan at the lunch time.

Cheesecake Thu - Sat11:45-*order by Sunday
*slice-size only sold at store
Creme Caramel Wed - Sat11:45-*order by Sunday
*Only Vanilla flavour available at store
Kozzy Ricebox Tue - Sat12:00 - 13:30*possible to buy at store
Our Breads Wed - Sat17:30-*order the day before
KAZUYA's Olive oil Tue - Sat12:00-*the stock is limited


Please read the description on our website to choose between Chilled and Frozen.
The Whole and 1/2 Whole sizes you must order by Sunday of a particular week in order to pick up some time during Thu - Sat.


Cream cheese, Sugar, Eggs, Lemon, Maize flower, Fresh cream, White chocolate, Vanilla

Whole size $45
18cm x 8.5cm

we place the cheesecake in our special super freezer right after its creation.
This gives the obvious benefit of it being in its best state for longer, allowing you to enjoy it bit by bit. But this isn't the only aim - the concept is one you should be very familiar with: I'm sure many of you enjoy ice cream both solid and chilly straight out of the freezer as-well as soft and creamy after its temperature change.

1/2 Whole size $22.5
9cm x 8.5cm
Slice size $7.5
2.5cm x 8.5cm
We sell the slice size Thu - Sat during our lunch opening hours(11:45am - 1:30pm).

Creme Caramel

We do singular sales during our lunch opening hours, and so for online takeaway booking orders please note we will have a minimum number of 6 per order, which must all be of the same flavour.
Again for the Creme Caramel you must order by Sunday of a particular week in order to pick up some time during Thu - Sat.


Fresh cream, Milk, Eggs, Sugar, Vanilla

Organic Vanilla $7.5 "Matcha" Green tea $8 Black sesame $8

Kozzy Rice Box

This will be available in store from 12:00-13:30 Thursday-Saturday.
We make these fresh on order, and so if you are planning to order for a group(5 or more), please use the order form and arrange a pick up.

Ricebox / On Sushi vinegar Rice Fish "Chirashi" $23
Vegetable "Chirashi" $20
Ricebox / On Rice Teriyaki Chicken $21
Tofu Fritter $20
Karaage Fried Chicken $21
Grilled Beef $25
Special Ricebox Fish and Seafood "Chirashi" $32
Aburi Japanese Wagyu $49
Combo : Your choise of Ricebox
and Soup for $2 less
Today's Miso Soup $8
Chicken Soup $8
Today's Vegetable soup $7
Side Triple cooked Chips $9
Karaage Fried Chicken (4pcs) $10

Our Breads

It can be picked up after 16:30 any day during Thu - Sat. Please let us know the day before.

ingredients for Ciabatta

Flour, Water, Yeast, Salt

ingredients for Mochi" breadstick

Flour, Glutinous rice flour, Yeast, Salt, Sugar

Ciabatta $3 "Mochi" breadstick $6

KAZUYA's Olive oil

You can pick it up after 12:00 from Thursdat to Saturday.
Please contact us as the stock is limited.

Original blend extra virgin olive oil $25

Please check the pick up time
CheesecakeThu - Sat11:45-*order by Sunday
Creme CaramelWed - Sat11:45-*order by Sunday
Kozzy RiceboxTue - Sat12:00 - 13:30
Our BreadsWed - Sat17:30-*order the day before
KAZUYA's Olive oilTue - Sat12:00-
( ALLERGIES and etc )